About Us

Cooking is in his veins

Very early Kien got insight on gastronomy. In 1998 his parents opened their first restaurant and Kien became familiar with all the fineness of kitchen and service. The family tradition is important to him and so Kien opened his own restaurant in Munich – the „Sumi“. He brings in his lifelong experience.

„When I am cooking I am the happiest person on earth“

Kien is fascinated by the diversity of Asian cuisine. In his Panasia Sushi Restaurant he offers only the most exquisite dishes of Asia and Sushi specialities. His great skills of creating typical Vietnamese dishes are based on his Vietnamese roots: summer rolls, called „Bai Cuon“, are rice noodles wrapped in rice paper with salad, fresh herbs and a true choice of other delights. The „Bún rice noodle dish“ is a slightly warm dish with a bunch of salad, peanut, roasted onion and a multiplicity of Vietnamese herbs. The main traditional Vietnamese dish is „Pho“ which is a „rice ribbon noodle soup“ with herbs, beef, chicken or tofu. Kien prepares it according to a recipe which has been passed in the family for generations.